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Labor Considerations


International students may work on campus subject to the conditions of their respective visa. However, the Work Study is a federally subsidized program from the U.S. government. International students are ineligible for work-study appointments. UCLA has gathered valuable information for students and it can be found at the UCLA Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars website.

Short-term visitors and researchers

Similar to students, visitors and researchers must have proper non-immigrants visas to be eligible to work within UC. UC Riverside has gathered specifics that can be found at the UC Riverside International Scholar Center website.

UCOP provides a Visa Classifications Chart that lists the many visa types and their respective employment restrictions.

Both students and visitors who are employees of the University may still be required to sign the University Patent Acknowledgement. Persons not employed by the university but who use UC research facilities, and persons who receive gift, grant or contract funds through the University must also sign the University Patent Acknowledgement. See the Innovation Alliances & Services website for more information.

Last updated: 2 Aug 2016