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Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Students in UC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) are covered while traveling abroad. In addition to UC SHIP, the University provides a travel accident policy for students traveling on University business. The travel policy is provided at no additional cost to the students.

Non-SHIP enrolled students should check with their medical provider for coverage options.

Before you travel print out the travel insurance and medical insurance cards. Store an e-copy in an email account, and leave copies with your University contact and a trusted personal contact. Provide your itinerary to the medical insurance provider and fill out your profile at Worldcue Planner. While traveling abroad, you will likely have to use a non-network provider and pay out-of-pocket for care, then file a claim to UC SHIP for reimbursement.

Please visit the Insurance Section for comprehensive insurance information for researchers.

To Access a Doctor or Hospital

If you are not on UC business, get a referral and preauthorization through SHIP or your medical insurance. Ensure that the facility will accept your normal co-payment. Keep all receipts!

If you are on UC business, contact the travel insurance provider on the card that you printed out when you registered. They have an extensive network. If the hospital demands prepayment in cash, they have contacts nearby and will assist you in getting appropriate medical care.

Remember: By registering your travel you receive both travel accident insurance and iJet intelligence alerts free of charge!

Last updated: 7 Dec 2016