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Medical Clearance / Vaccinations

Schedule a travel health consultation to assess your medical needs, vaccinations, and medications. See the Traveler's Health Kit for additional guidance.


Work with your program staff to ensure compliance specific to your program. Don't stop there! Register your travel, and you have access to tools to plan your trip, including setting up alerts that go to your phone, location specific assessments of crime and travel risks. Make sure to budget plenty of time to get the vaccinations, some take a long time to get in place! Get a print out of your vaccination status and slip it in your passport. Some borders require proof, and if you dont have it, they will administer the shots before you can cross.

Faculty and Staff

Some vaccine courses take several weeks to complete, start early, and get your staff started early. Employees access their regular provider. Call ahead so the clinic has the correct vaccinations on hand. By filling out the UCOP pre-trip planner, you will have a current list of vaccinations to request, as well as a detailed and up to date overview of the conditions in your travel area. Kaiser patients are vaccinated at no charge. Regardless of where you go, call to make sure the appropriate immunizations are on hand before your appointment, allow time for repeat visits and ensure the records get to your regular patient file.  

Last updated: 9 Dec 2016