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Liability Insurance

Clinician Liability Insurance

If you are practicing under the auspices of your employment, your liability insurance provided as part of your employment will cover you. If your job description does not cover your activities, you may not be covered. When you are in the United States, you have defined protections as a physician volunteer (part of HIPAA) but when you travel abroad the federal protections do not apply.

Each country has its own laws. If you plan to practice medicine as a volunteer abroad you are strongly advised to do so under the auspices of an international volunteer organization with a well defined presence in your host country.

For more information review the Professional Medical & Hospital Liability (PL) program offered with Office of Risk Services.

Foreign Liability

The Office of Risk Services has arranged foreign liability insurance for university operations outside the US. Review the Risk Services foreign liability insurance page for more information.

Last updated: 5 Jul 2016